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We can also work with you on a bespoke website, built from the ground-up, to your exact specifications. Click on the examples below to see some of the sites we have developed for our clients.

Our team of website designers will produce you a professional-looking website to your spec, to ensure that your business looks great online.

We use a responsive site-builder platform which is specially designed to allow you to make changes quickly and easily, yourself, whilst offering the look and feel of a professionally built website.

There’s no coding experience required, you can simply drag and drop modules onto the site to edit and build pages in no time at all.

Package Options

12-month Subscription


FREE domain

Up to 5 email accounts*

3 pages

Fully responsive

Content written by specialist copywriters

SSL security certificate

Website hosting

Do it yourself content changes

Do it for you content changes

Video creation

Priority amendments

Blogging capability

£185 +£50 per month

FREE domain

Up to 5 email accounts*

5 pages

Fully responsive

Content written by specialist copywriters

SSL security certificate

Website hosting

Do it yourself content changes

Do it for you content changes (4hrs/pa)

Video creation

Priority amendments

Blogging capability

£250 +£75 per month

FREE domain

Up to 5 email accounts*

10 pages / Unlimited**

Fully responsive

Content written by specialist copywriters

SSL security certificate

Website hosting

Do it yourself content changes

Do it for you content changes (10hrs/pa)

Video creation

Priority amendments

Blogging capability

£300 +£100 per month

*Applies to new domains only. Additional domain transfer fee of £80 for each existing domain name.
**Package price includes the build of initial 10 pages, and access to create unlimited pages within the editor. Additional page costs can be quoted on request.
All prices are exclusive of VAT. Minimum contract term is 12 months. Terms & Conditions apply.

Optional Extras

Domain Transfer

Transfer any existing domain from your current provider to our management for the duration of your contract. One -off, upfront fee. Charge applicable for each domain name.

Additional Amendment Time

Per hour

Additional Pages

Price on application based on content and requirements

Property Feed Setup Cost

Estate Agents can feed properties from their existing property management software to the website automatically. One off cost. Can only be applied to Pro package.

Property Feed Monthly Fee

Monthly fee for property feed widget. This is in addition to the monthly website subscription charge. Can only be applied to Pro package.

Landing Page

Creation of a single-page website, used to promote a specific product or service. Great for use with targeted campaigns. Choose from a selection of pre-built templates. Free with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) orders over £800 per month.

Prepaid Option

15% Off

Receive a 15% discount when the setup fee and monthly subscription is paid upfront

Features Explained

Click on the sections below to expand

  • FREE domain

    Included in the package is a domain name of your choosing (subject to availability). We'll manage this domain for the duration of the contract, however it is yours to keep should you wish to take control at any point

  • Up to 5 email accounts

    To make your website and communication more consistent, we can create up to 5 custom email accounts associated with your domain name. For example, Please note that email accounts can only be applied to new domains or domains transferred into our domain registrar.

  • Pages

    Each package comes with either 3, 5 or 10 pages which will be discussed as part of the consultation call. The Starter and Essential packages are limited to this number of pages, however the Pro package allows you to create and publish as many pages as you wish once the initial build is complete.

  • Fully responsive

    Responsive website design means that your website will automatically adapt the content to fit any screen size, yet maintain usability. With more and more people visiting websites from mobile devices and tablets it's vital that your website is easy to use on all devices. Search engines now also favour responsive websites in search results over non-responsive sites.

  • Content written by specialist copywriters

    Our copywriters are trained in writing compelling, search-engine friendly copy to ensure that your website is built in a way that makes it easier for search engines to understand what the website is about. It also frees up your time to run your business!

  • SSL security certificate

    An SSL certificate ensures that any data submitted through your website is secured by an encryption making it difficult for other users to intercept. All of our websites come with an SSL certificate as standard. Internet browsers will also now flag sites as 'Secure' or 'Not secure' in the URL bar depending on whether they have an SSL certificate installed or not.

  • Website hosting

    Unlimited website hosting is included as part of the packages, so you don't need to worry about hosting the website on a server elsewhere. The websites are hosted on a Content Delivery Network (CDN) which ensures that access to the website is delivered as quickly as possible.

  • Do it yourself content changes

    You'll receive your own login details to your website editor, meaning you can easily make changes to the site whenever you like. We also have tutorial documentation and a friendly support team on hand to answer any of your questions.

  • Do it for you content changes

    The Essential and Pro packages come with dedicated amend time for your website, so our dedicated team are on-hand to make any changes to your website, so you don't have to. The amend time renews annually (but please note that it's not possible to carry over into the next year).

  • Video creation

    As part of the Pro package it includes a 30-second HD slideshow with professional voiceover. We can either create this from the website content upon approval, or you can provide additional content if preferred. We then host the video on our branded YouTube account and upload to the website for you.

  • Priority amendments

    Standard turnaround time for website changes is 5 working days (1 week). However with the Pro package your changes will be prioritised and completed within 3 working days* *Please note that this is dependent on the scope of the changes requested, and you will be advised if the changes will take longer than the specified 3 working days

  • Blogging capability

    The Pro package offers you the opportunity for a customised blog as part of your website. This allows you to post updates to the site quickly and easily in a pre-built format, meaning your website stays up-to-date and encourages return visitors.

Renewal Pricing

Year 2 onward

Hosting + Amendment Package (Monthly)

Hosting + 4 hours of 'Do it for you' content changes per annum

Hosting + Amendment Package (Prepaid)

Upfront hosting + 4 hours of 'Do it for you' content changes per annum. Includes a 10% discount when paid upfront.

  • FAQS
    • How long will my web build take?

      We have a turnaround period of 15 working days (3 weeks) from the point of completed consultation call, and assuming all content has been provided for the build. Once the booking has been processed you’ll receive a call from a member of the team within 5 working days to schedule in a 15-20 minute consultation call at a time convenient for you. The purpose of this call is to discuss your business details and website requirements to enable us to produce detailed content for your website.

    • What do I need to provide?

      The consultation call is designed to capture all of the information we need to build your website, however should you wish to provide content such as a logo, images, menus or product descriptions you can send this over to us via email. Please note that if you have specified that you wish to provide your own content, the build will not proceed until the content is received.

    • Do I need to purchase a domain transfer?

      If you have an existing domain name (e.g. which you have purchased, or use with an existing website, you may want to transfer it over to us to manage on your behalf for the duration of your contract. If you have email accounts associated with your domain we recommend maintaining the domain with your existing provider to avoid any disruption. To do this we will require access to your domain control panel in order to repoint the domain to the new website once complete. Should this not be possible, domain transfers into our management incur an additional one-off fee of £80(+VAT). Please note that email accounts cannot be transferred with the domain, but can be recreated post-transfer. Therefore we also recommend backing up any existing inboxes prior to transfer.

      Reasons to transfer your domain:

      • Your existing provider manages the domain on your behalf and is unable to provide us with access to the domain control panel or DNS updates
      • The domain was purchased as part of another web build package through another company
      • You want to consolidate your services with us and not be responsible for renewing the domain upon expiry

    • How long do website amends take?

      We have a standard lead time for website amendments of 5 working days (1 week). Amendments are included as part of the Essential and Pro packages. Amendments to Starter packages are quoted for at a rate of £75(+VAT) per hour. Pro packages include Priority amendments and will be completed in 3 working days (subject to the scope of the changes requested. If we are unable to complete the changes within 3 working days you will be notified in advance).

      To submit amendments to your website, please complete the Amend Request Form (click here to download) and return to You will then receive confirmation of completion within 5 working days. If you have not heard back within this time please contact us.

    • Can I make changes myself?

      Absolutely! Once the website has gone live you’ll receive and email containing login details to your website editor, along with a link to the website editor User Manual which is linked to below:

      Click here to view the User Manual

    • Will my website appear in search engines?

      Our websites are fully optimised for search engines using metadata, keywords, heading tags and SEO friendly copy, to ensure that they rank as well as possible within search engine results pages (SERPs). Please note that it can often take a few months for new websites to be indexed (recognised) by search engines and appear in search results once live. We submit all new websites to the major search engines to try and speed up indexing, however it’s an automated process and therefore not something that we have any influence over. Please note that we cannot guarantee that your website will appear for specific search terms due to the competitiveness of the terms and location.

      In order to drive traffic to your website we recommend using Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. To find out more please visit

    • Can I have additional pages?

      The Starter package is restricted to 3 pages and the Essential package is restricted to 5 pages. The Pro package includes the creation of up to 10 pages as part of the build, and access to create unlimited pages from within the editor once live. We can also build additional pages for you which can be quoted for on request.

    • Do you upload products for e-commerce subscriptions?

      E-commerce can be applied to any Pro package for an additional £10 (+VAT) per month. This includes the upload of the first 5 products to the site, and tutorial documentation on how to upload products through the website editor. We can also offer a Bulk Upload service for an additional fee of £1 (+VAT) per product (minimum charge £50).

    • Does the website include Google Analytics?

      Although the websites have their own built-in analytical software, it’s also a good idea to set-up Google Analytics for your website. This allows you to track more detailed information about how your website is performing and user activity on your site.

      If you do not already have a free Google Analytics account, you can easily set one up by clicking here.

      Already have an account? Great – simply send us your Tracking ID (e.g. UA-11223344-00) and we can attach it to the website for you.