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Promote your business using video

Video solutions (online video, corporate videos, promotional clips) present exciting opportunities for your business to inspire, evoke and to engage with target audience(s)

People love watching video online because it’s so easy to consume and share. Think of the impact a professional video explaining your services could have on visitors to your site.

Now more businesses than ever before are using video to help them stand out in the marketplace. The Wyzowl report reveals that, this year, 81% of businesses are using video as a marketing tool. This is up from 63% in 2017 – a significant leap.

Length matters, too, in video marketing. According to Wyzowl, 50% of consumers believe the right length for an explainer video is 1 minute, whilst Wistia’s research shows that videos up to 2 minutes long hold viewers’ attention; then there’s a drop off.

There are multiple benefits of including video in your marketing mix:

  • Grabs the attention of your audience
  • Improves the credibility of your business
  • Drives new visitors to your website
  • Boosts your profile on social media
  • Helps customers make buying choices
  • Gives you an advantage over your competitors
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Our Solutions….

Video is valuable but that doesn’t mean it’s expensive. Our range of packages will provide you with a professional yet affordable video solution that will help you stand out from the crowd. We will:

  • Create a bespoke video for your business
  • Supply music and a voice-over
  • Add graphics and animation
  • Provide a presenter (optional)
  • Film on-site (optional)
  • Ensure the video is working for you

We have four great video options available, from a simple 30-second Starter video featuring voiceover, music and images, through to a three-minute Pro video that includes filming on location at your business and the use of a professional presenter.

Your video will be absolutely perfect for sharing on your business website, YouTube, Facebook and other social media channels.

Video examples

Take a look at some of the local businesses we’ve showcased using video.

Starter video

Essential video

Pro video

Let us create a brilliant, bespoke video that showcases your business and explains your products and services.