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Integrated Campaigns

Adopt an integrated approach to stand out from the crowd

Instead of staking your campaign spend on a single channel, be it print, digital or social, we strongly recommend that you spread it across all three.

And don’t stop there – you could add in bespoke editorial features, sponsorships, events and other elements to deliver a truly multi-faceted marketing programme.

The benefits are of an integrated approach are clear:

    • Saves you time and money, as it reduces asset duplication and improves efficiency.
    • Gets you noticed, thanks to having a consistent message across multiple channels.
    • Builds trust, with customers having more faith in the business behind the message.
    • Increases impact, as each channel supports and strengthens your overall message.
    • Improves analysis, due to the additional data sources at your disposal.


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Our Solutions….

Our integrated marketing service includes commercial advice on the perfect digital mix for your business, embracing print, digital, social and more.

To simplify this process we utilise our IMPACTS Calculator. This invaluable tool brings the online and offline journey together, seamlessly combining your campaign planning and analysis across our print, digital and social portfolio.

IMPACTS are the number of individual opportunities we offer our audience to view your campaign, across all of our platforms. Our calculator combines the number of impressions on digital and social, then adds in print impacts, to provide you with a single, reliable and quantifiable figure – the total number of impacts that you will receive.

Tell us your proposed spend and our calculator will tell you the amount of IMPACTS we will deliver, along with the blend between print and digital. It’s that simple.

Contact us now to discuss integrated campaigns and to demo our IMPACTS Calculator.