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webinar: marketing your way out of lockdown 3.0

Watch as we provide the latest insights to help you plan and manage your marketing as we approach the next phase after Lockdown 3.0.

Gain practical guidance on how to respond to current challenges along with effective tactics on how to best communicate with customers to kickstart your business into action.

Hosts, Nigel Black, Head of B2B Marketing and Dom Le Roy, Head of Audience & Insight Marketing, will provide an overview of the current climate, tips on how to stay connected whilst making use of available resources and provide helpful steps to take to enhance your marketing and communications, outlining FREE and low-cost marketing solutions that will help make a difference, closing with a Q&A.

This webinar will cover:

| Our New World
| Consumer Emotions & Behaviours
| Effective Planning To Meet Your Goals
| 7 Post-Lockdown Marketing Tactics
| #BackForGood Initiative
| Q&A Session


Written by Nigel Black on 8th March 2021