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The key to creating eye-catching online ads for your clients that deliver results…

How agencies can make their clients messages stand out from the crowd

Customers are inundated with advertising every waking hour of every day. This is particularly evident online, where advertisers are working harder and smarter to grab their attention.

So what’s going to help you get your client’s message noticed from the thousands of others online?

Creativity is key.

A strong design is the difference between a so-so campaign and a really successful one that delivers excellent response. But don’t worry if the idea of suddenly becoming super-creative in your lunchtime is daunting, as creativity should always go hand-in-hand with simplicity.

For your creative theme you need to find something simple that provides a visual representation of your business or service that will resonate at a glance. Avoid getting too complicated, as complex themes are likely to water down your message.

You should also choose a simple colour palette that’s aligned with your branding. With colours schemes it’s worth remembering that you don’t want to blend in and go unnoticed, but at the same time you should avoid standing out too much as this could produce a negative response. You need to find that middle ground.

Digital Ads on the Reach Network
Creative on Reach Ad Manager Platform

Get your message noticed online using digital display advertising

Once your creative has done its job and caught the viewer’s attention, it’s about delivering the two fundamentals of any ad: a value proposition and a call-to-action.

The value proposition is something that provides a clear benefit or advantage you can offer, so that potential customers choose you over your competitors. It could be product innovation, a particular expertise, or customer service. You know what you do better than anyone else, so make sure your customers know too.

Finally, the call-to-action is there to prompt an immediate response from an interesting party. This could be a button to click, a phone number to call, or a video to watch.

A helping hand for businesses

The recently-launched Reach Ad Manager enables business owners to quickly upload eye-catching campaigns to the Reach online network by following just four simple steps.

This new self-serve platform takes the hassle out of designing and sharing and your own ads. You can use the simple built-in tools to create your perfect ad, or upload your existing designs to include in your next campaign.


You can start advertising using Reach Ad Manager right now.

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Written by Katie on 15th February 2022