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Shining a light on Brexit uncertainty

Why you should advertise to keep your customers informed and engaged.

It seems incredible that, just three weeks before the UK’s planned withdrawal from the EU, the old mantra “The only certainty is uncertainty” is still very much true.

Yet here we are, with March 29 looming large, and it’s far from clear which eventuality will play out. Will the end of March deadline be extended? Will the UK leave the EU without a withdrawal agreement in place? And should that happen, what are the implications for businesses like yours?

We are in the dark when it comes to Brexit, but your customers don’t have to be. The UK government has been planning for the various eventualities (well it has had two and a half years after all!), including the possibility of a no-deal Brexit, and has posted useful information on its website.

Become an influencer in your field

As a business it would be beneficial to reach out and share the government’s guidance with your customers, where relevant, as part of a marketing message. Not only will this attract attention during this uncertain period but it will help identify you as an influencer in your field – something that will drive recommendations and repeat business.

Your approach will vary depending on your sector, but here are a few examples:

  • A car insurance provider should provide information on driving in Europe following a potential no-deal exit, including the need to carry an International Driving Permit.
  • A travel business might inform its customers about possible changes to passport rules, such as how overseas travellers must have at least six months left on their passports.
  • A veterinary clinic should outline the potential upheaval of pet travel rules and how different vaccination certificates may be required before travelling to Europe.

Of course you might just want to let your customers know that it’s business as usual as far as you’re concerned, no matter what the outcome of Brexit.

Your message, our audience

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So whatever happens at the end of the month, you can rely on our commercial solutions to put your message in front of your customers, driving response and maximising return on investment.

Source: comScore UK, Jan 2019

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Written by Jess on 8th March 2019