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Reach people looking to get sports active this summer

The summer sporting season is in full swing. Let sports active people know that you’re open for business.

With the national and international sporting stages dominated by the Women’s World Cup, Cricket World Cup, Wimbledon and Tour de France, armchair fans are being inspired to get outside and emulate their sporting heroes.

You can use our network of newsbrands to let them know that your sports club, venue or store is open for business. Of the 39m people who visit our network each month, 3.4m exercise at least once a week, 1.8m regularly go cycling and 500k regularly play cricket.

Whatever courses you run, events you organise or products you sell, you can rely on our advertising solutions to put your message in front of consumers who are looking to get out and get active this summer.

We recommend using the following products from our commercial suite to make an impact:

Content marketing

How would you like to showcase your spring activities in a special listicle written by our award-winning journalists? These features are exceptionally popular and benefit from high engagement, especially when themed around key holidays like Easter. It’s the perfect way to connect with our audience and build your brand awareness with content that will inform and inspire – and prices start from just £200. Discover the power of listicles.

Digital display

You can rely on our digital display solutions to put your message in front of prospective customers all year round, driving response and maximising return on investment. Whilst a display campaign is the perfect way to reach a wide online audience, we also offer tailored solutions to help you connect with the right people, in the right areas, at the right times. See the most effective digital ad formats we offer.

Paid search advertising

PPC, or pay per click, is a great way to get your advertising message in front of customers just as they are searching online for products or services you sell. PPC can be a very effective form of advertising for businesses, especially if you use e-commerce and can link the ads directly to items in your online inventory. Let us help you benefit from paid search advertising.

Web creation

You know that you need a website for your business as it underpins your whole online presence, but having a poor website may be worse that not having one at all. A website is your company’s shop window online. If it doesn’t give a good first impression, or it looks unprofessional, then visitors will likely go elsewhere. We can create a smart new website for your business.

Video solutions

People love watching video online because it’s so easy to consume and share. Think of the impact a professional video outlining your upcoming activities and events could have on visitors to your site and social channels. Our range of packages will provide you with a professional yet affordable video solution. Take a look at some of the local businesses we’ve showcased using video.


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Written by Jess on 5th July 2019