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Nine reasons to sponsor an event

From celebrating community heroes to acknowledging success in local business, our impressive range of diverse and highly engaging events play a hugely important part in the media calendar.

We attract an audience of thousands every year through our awards and exhibitions. Many of these people could be your next customers.

Read on as we reveal the nine reasons why sponsoring an event can work for your business or organisation.

1. The media exposure works

In 2017 worldwide sponsorship spending hit $63 billion, so businesses who avidly support events such as the Olympics and The World Cup know that sponsorship works better than taking out a 20 second radio ad on a local radio station. You don’t have to go that big, but the bigger the event is, the bigger your exposure will be.

2. Increase your perceived image

If you sponsor big events that have a wide enough base, public perception of your brand will be as big as your sponsee. Your target audience will be under the impression that if your company can sponsor such a big, professional and reputable event, then your own company is a big, professional and reputable one. By sharing the spotlight (with the event) you can gain the respect and credibility of your target market.

3. Brand recognition

By sponsoring a high profile event that has mass appeal, the people who frequent the event will associate your brand with the event you’re sponsoring. Frequency breeds familiarity, and the more exposure you get, the more your brand will be liked. Look for a local event that has a large following and become a sponsor. Your logo will be seen on all flyers, billboards, posters, tickets, giveaways, the event sign-up page, and more.

4. Give back to the community

Sponsoring a local team, athlete or event is great because you get to establish goodwill and show the community that you’re a reliable partner that’s able and willing to support all things local. Think of sponsorship as a way of giving back to the community and thanking them for their support.

5. The best venue to hand out freebies

What better place to distribute company freebies than at an event that you sponsor? Your brand will be everywhere and you’ll be giving away tangible marketing products to a crowd that more or less makes up the brunt of who you want to market to.

6. Targeted marketing

Do your research first before you sponsor an event. What type of event is it? Ask the organiser about the makeup of attendees. If the event is in line with what your business does or if you can see your product as a fit for event goers, then pull the trigger and sponsor it. You’ll have the opportunity to reach out directly to your target market, instead of traditional ads such as billboards and commercials that cast a wide net and can only run for a certain period of time.

7. An opportunity for lead generation

Events are excellent opportunities for your business to grab some leads. Find a way to get attendees to sign up for a chance to win prizes, or maybe you can earn their information in exchange for some of the items you’re going to give away. Coordinate with the organiser. They may have something online already set up that you can tap into.

8. Get a chance to know other businesses

Networking is probably one of the best aspects of event sponsorship. If you’re not the sole sponsor, you’ll get to meet other decision makers or fellow vendors from various industries that you can do business with in the future.

9. Sponsorship is affordable

With event sponsorships your target market is right there in the event with you. You don’t need to look high and low for them. Sponsorship is a great way to get your business out there and be seen by a large audience. You’ll be hitting a lot of birds with one stone when you choose to sponsor, saving you time and valuable resources.

Reach Solutions is your marketing partner

We pride ourselves on delivering response. We guarantee by sponsoring one of our events your brand will reach as many people as possible and deliver on exactly what you would like your sponsorship to do.

Get in touch to talk about sponsoring one of our high profile events.

Written by Jess on 24th May 2019