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Ideas to promote your business as jewellery sales sparkle

Jewellery sales are set to spike as the festive season nears – making this the perfect time to promote your business.

Sales are expected to peak over the next couple of weeks and remain high right through ’til Christmas. Black Friday is the busiest day for jewellery sales, with TWICE the amount of activity compared to a typical day during the prior six months, according to analysis from Close Brothers Retail Finance.

Sales of jewellery and particularly expensive watches will increase as the gifting season really kicks in. And of course the Christmas and New Year period is the most popular time for partners to pop the question, so sales of engagement rings will also peak.

Watch and ring

What we can offer

Black Friday takes place on November 23rd this year, which is just around the corner. But don’t worry – we’ll work with you to devise a highly-effective advertising campaign tailored to your budget and needs.

Here are some ideas we can use to put your message in front of potential customers looking for businesses like yours:

Raise awareness of your seasonal offering using our long-standing regional newsbrands.

Target specific demographics and ideal customers with online display advertising.

Reach individuals actively searching for gifts that you sell using pay-per-click advertising.

Use rich media content to engage with users on social media platforms.

Our audience, your message

Our regional newsbrands appeal to a more affluent demographic in your area, so they are the perfect vehicle for reaching your ideal customers. Advertise on our network and each month you can reach the following:

people who are classed as ‘ABC1’ social grade.


shoppers who have purchased jewellery online.

people who have purchased jewellery in the last 12 months.


consumers who have spent more than £350 on jewellery.

At Reach Solutions we are here to help solve your everyday marketing challenges. Click below to request a call back and one of our advertising team members will get right back to you.

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Sources: Mintel 2017, Close Brothers Retail Finance 2016

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Written by Martyn Carroll on 6th November 2018