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£200 contribution on Google Ads offer

For small businesses, we offer more than just news and sport.

We’re offering you an extra special Pay Per Click incentive: up to £200 contribution on Google Ads*. Not only will your budget go further but our Google-certified experts will create and optimise the ads for you and make sure you have the right keywords for getting the best clicks.

Why Reach for Google Ads and PPC?

In addition to being the UK’s largest news publisher with 39m online users, we are one of the biggest resellers of Google Ads in the UK.

We use our direct access to google to help you achieve your business goals. From professional ads created by our google-certified digital specialists, through to our market-leading tech that constantly optimises your budget, reach provides unparalleled expertise and support.

This offer is available to Reach customers not currently taking Google Ads with us. If you already take PPC then don’t worry as we’d like to instead offer you a FREE online marketing health check.

Request your report and our Web Doctor will provide a detailed report about your online profile including website compatibility, social media presence and search ranking. It only takes a few seconds to complete and can help transform your online presence.

To register your interest in either offer, fill out the short form below and we’ll be in touch.


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* This is a limited offer available for Reach plc customers not currently taking Google Ads, up to a maximum value of £200. Click here to view the full T&Cs.

Written by Jess on 27th June 2019