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The 5 key benefits of an integrated marketing campaign

When it comes to marketing we recommend that businesses employ a fully integrated approach in order to stand out from the crowd.

Instead of staking your campaign spend on a single channel, be it print or digital or social, a better bet would be to spread it across all three. And don’t stop there – you could add in bespoke editorial features, sponsorships, events and other elements to deliver a truly multi-faceted marketing programme.

Just consider the key benefits for a second:

1. Saves you time and money
A great place to start, right? Your message is the same across the campaign and you can reuse assets and imagery. This reduces duplication and results in improved efficiency.

2. Gets you noticed
You want to grab attention and build awareness. This is far easier to achieve if you have a consistent message being communicated across an assortment of channels.

3. Builds trust
If customers see your brand being presented clearly and consistently as part of successful integrated campaign they are more likely have faith in the message and the business behind it.

4. Increases impact
Each channel will work to support and strengthen your overall message. Digital will reinforce print and vice versa, and social and other facets will add further layers of effectiveness.

5. Improves analysis
An integrated campaign means you have more data sources at your disposal, enabling you to monitor the individual channels more closely and understand which ones are performing best.

Introducing our IMPACTS Calculator

Our integrated marketing service includes commercial advice on the perfect digital mix for your business, embracing print, digital and social.

To simplify this process we utilise our IMPACTS Calculator. This invaluable tool brings the online and offline journey together, seamlessly combining your campaign planning and analysis across our print, digital and social portfolio.

IMPACTS are the number of individual opportunities we offer our audience to view your campaign, across all of our platforms. Our calculator combines the number of impressions on digital and social, then adds in print impacts, to provide you with a single, reliable and quantifiable figure – the total number of IMPACTS that you will receive.


Reach Solutions is your marketing partner

Tell us your proposed spend and our calculator will tell you the amount of IMPACTS we will deliver, along with the blend between digital, social and print. It’s that simple.

Find out more about our integrated advertising solutions or get in touch to discover how we can help solve your everyday marketing challenges.


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Written by Martyn Carroll on 21st September 2018