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Take advantage of takeovers

If you're looking for maximum impact then only a takeover will do. A takeover is the most visible and impactful option available from our online advertising suite.

Takeovers (also known as site skins) wrap around the main content and occupy all available advertising spots. We essentially take your creative content and use it to replace the entire background of the page, giving you total page dominance.

This exclusivity ensures your message is seen by every visitor, building more meaningful connections with your potential customers as well as increasing your brand awareness and click-through rate.

Our takeover options include the HPTO (Home Page Takeover) or NPTO (News Page Takeover), and they’re available for continuous periods of 24 hours across our network of newsbrand websites.

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Why put your trust in takeovers?

There are dozens of digital ad types available, so why should you opt for a page takeover? Here are the main reasons:

Maximises visibility
A takeover puts your message in front of visitors on our most popular, high-traffic news pages, ensuring that potential customers cannot fail to see it.

Builds brand awareness
A digital takeover enables you to support activity in other channels (social, print etc), as well as promote a particular event such as an open day.

Inspires creativity
As all ads run alongside each other, takeovers provide an excellent opportunity to do something creative and truly eye-catching with the overall design.

Increases impact
Takeovers integrate seamlessly into the architecture of the page, offering maximum impact without the intrusion associated with other ad products.

Returns tangible results
We provide full details of how the takeover performed, so you can view the total number of digital impressions and clicks – perfect for calculating ROI.

Leverages local brands
As you’re the only advertiser sitting alongside our valued content, your message will be more closely associated with our long-standing, highly-trusted brands.


We can help

Feature your brand on our websites, reaching the right people, at the right time, in the right context. We have a deep understanding of our audience and can use this to target your ideal customer.

Please click here to find out more about takeovers and our other digital advertising solutions.

Written by Jess on 1st November 2019