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Reach homeowners looking to get their properties ready for winter

As autumn draws near, bringing with it shorter days, homeowners habitually start preparing their properties for the cold weather.

This is excellent news for home improvement specialists as people focus on their properties and outdoor spaces, looking to sort those unfinished (or unstarted!) jobs before the nights draw in.

We have a long history of working with tradespeople, DIY retailers and home services. Whether you’re a plumber, roofer, electrician, decorator or home improvement retailer we have the products and the audience to achieve your objectives.

Reach the right people, at the right time

We can connect you with our aspirational audience. Of the 43 million people who visit our network of trusted local newsbrands every month we reach:

  • 10.9m people who have paid a tradesperson to carry our indoor/outdoor home servicing.
  • 6.6m people who’ve paid more than £300 for professional home improvements.
  • 5.6m people who’ve paid someone for plumbing, carpentry, or electrical work.
  • 2.1m people who are planning major home improvements within the next 12 months.
  • 1.4m people who have taken out a loan to pay for home improvements.

Please click here to view more useful insight, to help you shape your plans for the autumn/winter period, then talk to us about connecting your business with our audience.
Sources: comScore UK | August 2020, TGI | 2019

Written by Jess on 28th September 2020