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How London businesses can make the most of the Jubilee weekend

With a four day celebration taking place June 2nd-5th to mark the Platinum 70th anniversary, London is set to welcome a huge amount of tourists.

Hopes of a huge revival in foreign tourism are looking promising as analysis from Opodo showed that London is ranking as the second most popular destination in the world for bookings in 2022. The Jubilee alone is expected to generate more than a billion pounds in revenue, which will be a welcome boost for London-based businesses after a turbulent two years.

The celebrations will offer businesses a unique opportunity to target customers who are actively planning to visit London at this key time. According to YouGov, 1 in 2 Brits are ready to make up for time lost due to the pandemic, and we know that 1.1m of our monthly audience are planning a holiday or weekend break in the UK this year.

Get ahead of your competitors and make sure your business is on every tourist’s itinerary this summer with our handy top tips.


3 tips to maximise business in London:

1. Experiment with various keywords in your paid search strategy.
While business listings provide a solid foundation for your online presence, if you want to get your business out in front of customers then paid search (or pay per click) advertising is the ultimate shortcut. Experiment with keywords to ensure that you maximise your ROI by being found by the right customers.

2. Get creative with your advertising messages.
A strong design is the difference between a so-so campaign and a really successful one that delivers excellent response. Tailor your messaging to make your business stand out as an essential destination that will deliver an unbeatable experience, and don’t forget to include a clear call to action.

3. Consider adding content marketing into your marketing mix.
Content is key to driving organic web traffic, as search engines reward businesses that publish quality, consistent content. A good place to start is a blog on your website. Think of this as bite-sized content, you don’t want to spill your life’s story in one blog post, and they don’t have to be long – 200-300 words is a good start. Think of it as an added value strategy rather than a quick conversion to sales tool.

We know that this will be a super-busy time for London businesses, and implementing an effective marketing strategy is often difficult without the time or expertise.

So contact us using the button below to see how we can help lighten the load and make the long Jubilee weekend one to remember.



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Written by Melissa Collins on 18th May 2022