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Home Improvement
capitalise on the rise in lockdown home improvement projects

More and more people are now prioritising home improvements

From garden makeovers, to kitchen painting, new fancy toilet designs and creating new office spaces, it seems nearly everyone has kick-started some sort of home improvement project in the last 12 months.

During the initial coronavirus outbreak, when people were first forced to stay at home and suddenly had more time on their hands, sales of home improvement and gardening retail products grew by almost 50%. In July it was revealed that 55% of adults in the UK were looking at prioritising home improvements over the following months.

With more people spending time in their homes, those jobs that people have been putting off are slowly being ticked off. In fact, a significant 73% have taken on a home improvement project in the last year and more than a quarter of people have recently paid a professional to carry out work in the home and garden.

Spring forward

And now as warmer weather approaches in the spring it is a key time when people start to look at the big and the small home improvements projects after the winter months. Maybe some of those big ticket projects involving multiple tradesmen may take a backseat to start with, considering the current lockdown situation. But that doesn’t stop planning and searching for quotes, ideas and products ready for when things are a little easier.

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Written by Martyn Carroll on 28th January 2021