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how freshers’ week provides a unique opportunity for local businesses

Freshers' Week is the biggest event of the year, and it's about to take place

The biggest week of the student year is about to take place and it provides businesses like yours with the perfect opportunity to engage with receptive students as they experience campus life for the first time.

Half of all students say they remember the best advertising from Freshers’ Week – which is where we can help.

Every month we reach 2.3m students in higher education and are ideally placed to promote your business across digital, social and print.

So how do you take advantage, well, we have a range of exciting sponsorship packages, plus options to advertise alongside our Freshers’ Week content being published across our trusted newsbrands.

A unique opportunity to engage more effectively with the student demographic visiting our network.

According to Campaign Live, 47% of students say they remember the best advertising from Freshers’ Fairs. But if you want them to remember you, you’re going to have to keep reminding them that you’re about.

Students are pretty money savvy nowadays and actively seek out the best deals. So if you want to keep them loyal, you need to remain competitive and make sure they know about what you’re offering.

Find out how you can make Freshers’ Week work for you, visit our freshers’ week page and get in touch.

Written by Nigel Black on 10th September 2020