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Colleges: celebrate your exam successes with our results day solutions

There's no better time to showcase your college than during August when the national focus falls on students anxiously receiving their exam results.

To capitalise on this opportunity we have our content marketing solution. With online articles starting from £700, they are perfect for highlighting the successes of your students, while also promoting your establishment to young people and – crucially – the important people in their lives who help shape their futures.

Did you know that every month we reach 2.2 million parents of children between the ages of 16 – 18? You can take advantage of this huge, engaged audience by promoting your establishment as part of our editorial coverage to celebrate your exam successes, and seize the attention of parents and guardians.

Publishing high-quality content is what we do every day so you rely on our editorial experts to tell the story of your 2022 results day. At Reach, we pride ourselves on results with content marketing, plus we have a suite of complementary solutions including social media marketing, online advertising, paid search advertising, PR strategies and more. We have solutions designed to suit every need and budget.

To see how our solutions could work for you, take a look at the results we recently achieved with Strode College. Their goal was to raise awareness and we worked with the college to run a successful paid search advertising campaign which generated 271k impressions and 1.6k clicks.

We have proven experience in the education sector and can connect you with future learners using a range of effective advertising and content marketing solutions, across digital, social, and print.

Click below to request a callback and we will be in touch to discuss how we can help showcase your college ahead of the new academic year.


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Written by Freya Power on 19th July 2022