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Clearing up course confusion

Does your institution have it down to a T Level?

In September 2020 the UK government launched T Levels as an alternative to traditional academic studies, vocational courses and learning ‘on the job’ with apprenticeships.

In addition, the choice of university courses is more diverse than ever before. Ultimately the right path is about what’s best for the individual, which is why it’s vital they have all the information they need to make an informed decision.

As T Levels are a recent introduction, launched during extraordinary times, are students and their parents fully aware of them? With approximately 195 colleges in line to offer these courses, it’s important that T Levels are promoted as an alternative path in education. And with more than 50,000 different undergraduate courses available at over 395 institutions, standing out from the crowd has become a real challenge for education marketers.

Making this information widely available online is not only key for those imminently looking for the next step after finishing school or college, but also to generate awareness to potential employers, who could partner with institutions. We can help you reach this audience to communicate the range of opportunities available to them.

We believe a combination of online advertising and content marketing is a perfect way to communicate course information and help to inform students on their next steps on the education journey.

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Written by Jo Worley on 11th January 2021