Case Study.


The Brief

Vodafone landed three year exclusivity in Coventry to sell their ‘gigafast’ broadband. Working with CityFibre, it was the first gigafast offering for Coventry. Vodafone want to tell anyone and everyone in Coventry that they are the provider of this ultra-fast connectivity.

Our Solution

We used our suite of commercial products, driven by our unrivalled reach, to meet the client's needs and objectives. The campaign proposal included programmatic advertising, digital display advertising and print advertising.

Our Reach

Vodafone's message generated more than 1.6m digital impressions across our network of newsbrand websites, and received a total of 2.1k clicks.


The campaign started in February 2019 and targeted families and households in Coventry using our Reach Network. Vodafone’s aims were to: 

1) Tell people in Coventry lightning-fast broadband has arrived.

2) To encourage Coventry residents to register for Vodafone gigafast broadband.

3) Educate Coventry residents on what Vodafone have to offer: unlimited usage, 20x faster download speed, 145x faster upload speed and parental control.