The National Citizen ServiceCase Study

Campaign Overview

Reach Solutions and its regional newsbrands recently partnered with The National Citizen Service (NCS) to run an integrated campaign across multiple platforms in the North East and surrounding regions, including websites, mobile apps, social channels and newspaper titles.

The NCS’s primary objective was to promote the NCS Summer Programme, with the goal of generating customer sign-ups via its webpage. NCS also wanted to raise brand awareness by inspiring new and existing customers.

Industry: Government Services

Marketing Objectives:

  • To drive customer sign-ups for the client’s ‘Summer Programme’

Campaign Schedule: April 3rd – April 17th 2018 (covering Easter Holiday)

Target Locations: Darlington, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, North Tyneside

Target Audiences:

  • TA1: 15-17 year old teens (YP)
  • TA2: Parents and Guardians of late teens (PG)

Solution & Results

We used our suite of commercial products, driven by our unrivalled reach, to meet the client’s needs and objectives. The campaign proposal included the following elements:

Digital Display Advertising: Delivering optimised impressions across the Reach regional websites. The client also took advantage of our ‘cross network’ opportunities to access more than 40 local newsbrand websites right across the UK.

Content Marketing: Running across multiple websites and print titles, and tailored by our editorial team to secure interest in the campaign and build brand awareness. This content was also shared across our newsbrand social channels to engage users and stimulate conversation.

Social Media Advertising: Targeted at the most relevant audiences on Facebook and designed to drive traffic directly to the client’s website.

Print Advertising: With eye-catching adverts appearing in our portfolio of award-winning daily and weekly newspapers. This benefitted the client by aligning their business with our long-standing, highly-trusted print titles.


168,338 Reach
610,058 Impressions
4,625 Clicks
2,365 Link Clicks


250,527 Reach
9,369 Clicks


2,488 Users
2,712 Page Views
01:03 Engaged Time

Overall the campaign was highly successful, reaching 421,313 consumers and generating 16,706 total clicks on the adverts/articles. The articles generated 142 comments and were shared 182 times, and the adverts generated 2,365 individual clicks to the clients sign-up page.

Therefore the campaign not only raised awareness of the clients Summer Programme, but also sparked a reaction amongst consumers, encouraged them to share the content in their social spheres and generated sign-ups for the programme. Subsequently, we consider the campaign goal achieved.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

"I can't thank Reach Solutions enough for the help and support they have given us here at NCS. The figures are great and we certainly saw the impact via our site analytics over the reporting period. I’m sure my colleagues will be just as satisfied as I am with the fantastic work from Reach Solutions and their key attention for detail."
Steven Walker – National Citizen Service
"I was so thrilled to see the campaign had proven extremely successful, with content reaching 421,313 individual consumers. Working with campaigns everyday this one honestly one of the best campaign results I’ve ever seen and it’s been great working with NCS and seeing the positive effect the results have had on them."
Becca Peppiatt – Account Manager, Reach Solutions

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