Leicester CollegeCase Study

Campaign Overview

Reach Solutions and its regional newsbrands partnered with Leicester College to run an integrated campaign across multiple platforms in the East Midlands, including websites, mobile apps, social channels and newspaper titles.

Leicester College’s primary objective was to raise awareness of the college and courses to young school leavers finishing their GCSEs and young adults looking for further education. The collage also wanted to raise brand awareness by increasing their online presence and reaching young people.

Industry: Education

Marketing Objectives:

  • To raise awareness of the college and courses to young school leavers finishing their GCSEs and young adults looking for further education
  • To increase their online presence and reach young people through social media platforms
  • To be a front runner in the education sector and have strong presence for key events throughout the year related to education

Campaign Schedule: September – December

Target Locations: Leicester | East Midlands | Reach Network [UK]

Target Audiences:

  • Students
  • Young adults

Solution & Results

We used our suite of commercial products, driven by our unrivalled reach, to meet the client’s needs and objectives. The campaign proposal included the following elements:

Digital Display Advertising: Delivering optimised impressions across the Reach regional websites. The client also took advantage of our ‘cross network’ opportunities to access more than 40 local newsbrand websites right across the UK.

Social Media Advertising: Targeted at the most relevant audiences on Facebook and designed to drive traffic directly to the client’s website.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising: Serving ads to users of both Google and Bing. Our certified PPC experts oversaw the entire campaign, from keyword selection, to assigning budgets, to managing scheduling, to providing response reports.


148,492 Impressions
377 Clicks
0.25% CTR


10,389 Reach
44,891 Impressions
314 Clicks


63,817 Impressions
15,119 Clicks
£0.12 CPC
23.69% CTR
1,563 Phone No. Clicks

Overall the campaign was highly successful, generating a total of 377 clicks on the digital adverts in one month. The sponsored adverts on Facebook generated a total of 314 clicks for one month, and the PPC campaign generated more than 15,000 clicks across the whole campaign.

This campaign not only raised awareness of Leicester College, but increased their online presence massively, becoming a front runner in the education sector. Therefore, we consider the campaign goal achieved.

Digital Display Advertising

Social Media Advertising

"We were absolutely thrilled with the results we have achieved so far with Reach Solutions. They helped us fully understood how we could ensure the right demographic was being targeted which was something we could not do via billboards. It was clearly a lot more complex than that if we wanted to get it right."
Hannah George – Leicester College
"Leicester College were an absolute pleasure to work with. After month one, we went back to present the results so far and pitch some additional digital products and they loved our ideas and concepts. So much so, they have now included sponsored articles and competitions. We're excited to see the next lot of results."
Kerry Makepeace – Digital Account Manager, Reach Solutions

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