Case Study.

Hair Transplant Solutions Ltd

The Brief

Reach and one of our regional newsbrands, the Liverpool Echo, recently partnered with a local hair transplant business to reach an engaged audience in Merseyside who would be interested in finding out more information regarding hair transplants. Hair Transplant Solutions’ primary objective was to inform the audience and to put their brand at the forefront of readers minds when considering the procedure.

Our Solution

Working with the client, we decided to publish a bespoke branded content article on the Liverpool Echo, tailored by our editorial team, in order to inspire readers to take action. This content will support future marketing activity by the client by continuing to improve SEO ranking.

Our Reach

With the use of a content marketing package, the campaign not only informed and educated those considering a hair transplant but identified and attracted new key markets. The campaign had a high engagement rate and since the branded content article was published the client has seen a 150% increase in customer enquiries.


Main Solutions Used