GWRCase Study

Campaign Overview

Reach Solutions and its regional newsbrands recently partnered with Great Western Railway to run an integrated campaign across multiple platforms in the South West, including websites, mobile apps, social channels and newspaper titles.

GWR’s primary objective was to increase customer loyalty by nominating the West Country’s local heroes as one of the 100 Great Westerners. GWR also wanted to generate heightened brand awareness by inspiring new and existing customers.

Industry: Transport

Marketing Objectives:

  • To consistently inspire new and existing customers
  • To generate heightened brand awareness
  • To increase customer loyalty

Campaign Schedule: May – September

Target Locations: West Country

Target Audiences:

  • Loyal customers
  • Adults aged 45+

Solution & Results

We used our suite of commercial products, driven by our unrivalled reach, to meet the client’s needs and objectives. The campaign proposal included the following elements:

Digital Display Advertising: Delivering optimised impressions across the Reach regional websites. The client also took advantage of our ‘cross network’ opportunities to access more than 40 local newsbrand websites right across the UK.

Sponsored Editorial Content: Running across multiple websites and print titles, and tailored by our editorial team to secure interest in the campaign and build brand awareness. This content was also shared across our newsbrand social channels to engage users and stimulate conversation.

Print Advertising: With eye-catching adverts appearing in our portfolio of award-winning daily and weekly newspapers. This benefitted the client by aligning their business with our long-standing, highly-trusted print titles.


2.2m+ Impressions
13k+ Clicks


6k+ hrs Exposure time
60+ Editorial stories

Overall the campaign was highly successful, generating a total of over 13,000 clicks. The Local Hero Campaign generated more than 950 nominations and had the editorial stories had over 60 hours of exposure time.

Therefore the campaign not only inspired new and existing customers, but also sparked a reaction amongst loyal consumers, and encouraged them to share the content in their social spheres. Therefore, we consider the campaign goal achieved.

Sponsored Editorial Content

"The mix of compelling editorial and advertising really resonates with your readers and is paying dividends for us, particularly around key community messaging across the region."
Dan Panes – Head of Communications, GWR
"It has been great to develop a bespoke campaign for GWR which both highlighted their new brand and gave local people an opportunity to engage directly with them through the nominations. The nomination campaign really worked because of the dwell time and because it was spread across lots of different media."
Rob Rogerson – Account Manager, Reach Solutions

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