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Reach launches AI-powered audience engagement tool, Neptune Recommender

Reach launches AI-powered audience engagement tool, Neptune Recommender

Reach announced the launch of Neptune Recommender, an AI tool that serves users content more tightly relevant to their interests than ever. In a new addition to Reach’s suite of tools that are preparing publishers for a cookieless future, it increases page views, user dwell time and engagement.

Page-views through Neptune Recommender now account for 40% of Reach’s page-view growth since the start of the year. Now woven into Reach’s sites, it offers audiences of over 42 million visitors a month content choices from their digital newsbrand portfolio that resonate more closely with their personal interests than previously possible.

Powered by Mantis, Reach’s AI-powered contextual safety tool, it uses machine learning and increased data points like category, concept, comment engagement and sentiment which achieves higher accuracy than keywords alone. Combining Mantis and PLUS+ data on pages previously browsed, the tool can really hone into what content an individual would find appealing, with suggestions based on positive sentiment served up in a widget.

When a user browses an article on how to minimise food bills for example, the tool can not only recognise the category of the article (cost of living), but also the concept of the article (budgeting specifically around food bills) which has attracted that user. The widget can then serve up genuinely helpful and relevant content that resonates with detail, like features on how to feed a family for £5, or food hacks and recipes, with a much more closely aligned sentiment than generic finance content.

The tool updates each time the user visits a page to keep topics current. It will be made commercially available to other publishers in the marketplace, and has the capability to be customised and adapted to advertising

This is the latest addition to Reach’s growing slate of digital tools, and further enhances the capabilities of digital ecosystem Neptune launched at the beginning of the year. Led by Terry Hornsby, Reach’s newly-established Ad Tech Workshop develops tools that solve problems in the industry.

Terry Hornsby, Reach Group Digital and Innovation Director, commented:

“This is the future; personal, accurate and relevant content recommendation that feels tailored for you, honing in on what you are interested in at that particular time and what you will actually find helpful.

“Whether it’s the best sets from Glastonbury of all time, regional traffic news in your area, or hacks to keep your carbon footprint low, we need to recognise and treat our users as individuals, and we’ve focused on the technology and data strategy that can step up to the plate to do just that.”

Piers North, Reach Chief Revenue Officer, added:

“With a cookieless future on the horizon and more demand than ever from advertisers for contextual tools, we’ve used our unique scale to our advantage and created the perfect solution to serve up content that really resonates with our audiences.

“Neptune Recommender allows us to really dig down into our data to match up our journalism to individual users, strengthening our loyal audience across our networks, and keep them coming back for more.”

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Written by Nigel Black on 21st July 2022