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introducing reach ad manager

say hello, to online ads created by you.

It is now easier than ever for your business to share your message and reach users visiting our network for news and information, all over the UK, thanks to the launch of Reach Ad Manager.

Our new self-serve digital advertising platform is designed to remove any barriers that stand between you and our audience, giving you full control of your digital advertising.

Easily create your own campaigns, with no calls or emails involved, and watch as your digital ads appear on our online network within 48 hours.

Nick Copson, commercial marketing director for Reach, said: “One of the key trends we’ve seen as a result of the pandemic is accelerated online growth, which is brilliant news for businesses that have invested in their online activities.

“Right now, digital ads are the single best way of reaching customers who are currently locked down at home, browsing and buying online. Reach Ad Manager makes it easier than ever for businesses to create their own online campaigns and target audiences that matter to them most.”

our audience, your message, on any platform.

Our national and regional newsbrands reach millions of people online, up and down the country. Every month we typically reach more than 80% of the UK’s online population, and our audience share on mobile devices is higher still, at around 90%. This means we can always reach your perfect customer, regardless of where they’re located or what device they’re using to visit our network.

The platform provides direct access to the 42 million people who visit Reach websites every month, plus there are a multitude of options available to target relevant audiences based on location, demographics and other factors.

You can set your own budget and schedule, and once the campaign is live on the network, they’re able to monitor results and adjust as required using a real-time dashboard.

As our audience grows and the needs of advertisers evolve, we believe that Reach Ad Manager will become one of the must-have tools for businesses and agencies in 2021.

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Written by Nigel Black on 27th July 2021