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#IAmOpen: How we’re helping businesses get back on their feet.

It's part of our major new campaign to support businesses as they re-open and welcome back customers.

As the government begins to lift trading restrictions, many businesses are slowly beginning to open their doors and resume normal trading.

We say ‘normal’, but that word doesn’t apply in most cases. Precautions need to be put in place for a start, to protect staff and customers.

There are also concerns that consumer spending may not return to pre-Covid levels for some time.

To support businesses at this crucial time, our parent company Reach has today launched #IAmOpen. This new initiative is designed to help businesses let their customers know that they’re both open for business and ‘Covid-secure’.

It follows the successful #ThereWithYou campaign which began in March, at the beginning of lockdown, and has delivered close to £1m worth of advertising savings to more than 1,100 UK businesses.

#IAmOpen provides businesses with a suite of free marketing solutions they can use to publicise that they’re open – and safe to visit. The benefits include the creation of a free website landing page and promotional montage video, plus the provision of complementary creative design services.

This support package has been designed to meet the needs of all businesses

The free benefits are supplementing a range of heavily-discounted commercial products including digital advertising, social media advertising, and content marketing.

Jim Brinkley, Director for Reach Regionals, said: “When the UK was placed into lockdown at the end of March we introduced our #ThereWithYou campaign. Our aim then was to provide timely marketing assistance as businesses struggled to adapt to the ever-changing situation.

“The response astonished us, and we expect #IAmOpen to deliver even more savings to thousands of businesses across the country.

“Many businesses are now getting ready to re-open, yet trading restrictions are changing all the time and customers may be confused as to which businesses are allowed to open.

“This is where the free services and low-cost options provided as part of our #IAmOpen initiative will prove invaluable. If businesses are open, we’re here to help get the word out.”

To support the initiative, Reach has created two special badges that businesses can use on their websites and social channels – one to let customers know that they’re open, and another to let them know that they’re also ‘Covid secure’, in that all necessary safety precautions are being taken.

Jim believes that #IAmOpen will provide a boost for businesses that are currently feeling the effects of reduced consumer spending.

He continued: “Research shows that more than half of the UK’s businesses are reporting a significant decline in orders. A similar number are saying that they haven’t benefited from any government measures, so we’re proud that our #IAmOpen campaign can go some way to filling the void.

“Our promise is to support the UK’s local businesses now, throughout and beyond the Covid crisis, and #IAmOpen is another step on the road to achieving that.”

We’re here to help. Click below and let us know which free services and discounted offers would make a real difference to your business.


Written by Jess on 21st May 2020