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9 things you didn’t know your local newsbrand could do

Every week your local newsbrand, in-print and online, provides first class news, sport and entertainment coverage.

It’s the go-to place for all aspects of local life and has been for many years. But for businesses, your local newsbrand can do more. Much more.

We offer a full range of marketing solutions, from digital display and pay per click advertising to website design and video creation. You trust our editorial content, so you can rely on our products to support your business and help it grow.

So here’s a taste of what your local Reach Solutions newsbrand can do for you:

1. Connect you with an unparalleled audience

Your local newsbrand can help you reach customers on your doorstep. You know that. Even a global giant like Google knows that. But did you know that with our online network of regional and national sites, you can reach people right across the UK. With a monthly online audience of 39m, just imagine how our ‘cross network’ opportunities could benefit your business. Discover more

2. Provide paid-for editorial opportunities

Your business can feature in bespoke editorial articles written in partnership with our award-winning journalists. The content will read, feel and look just like a typical article or social post. Publishing high quality content is what we do, day in day out, so you can rely on our commercial editorial team to tailor the content to appeal to your specific target audience. Discover more

3. Help you profit from pay per click

PPC advertising is a great way to get your message in front of customers just as they are searching online for products or services you sell. It can very useful for businesses that sell online. It can also be very confusing. Happily we have a dedicated Google-accredited team with thousands of campaigns behind them who can advise you on your PPC keywords, budget, scheduling and more. Discover more

4. Boost your business on social

We are social experts. We have the audience to prove it – millions of followers who engage with our newsbrands every day. We’ve also won awards for our social media endeavours, but we don’t like to boast. What we can do is create a targeted advertising campaign on Facebook as well as promote your brand to our huge newsbrand audience on multiple social media channels. Discover more/>

5. Build you a brilliant website

If you don’t yet have a website, or your current website is old and outdated, then we can help. For a very competitive price we can provide you with a smart, professional website that’s easy to update, manage and monitor. Websites are your company’s shop window online so make sure yours is clean and uncluttered. We’ll give you everything you need to have a professional presence online. Discover more

6. Put your name in lights

Everyone loves video. It’s so easy to consume and share online. Think of the impact a professional video showcasing your business could have on potential customers. We have four great video options available, from a ‘starter’ clip containing a voice-over, music and images, through to our ‘pro’ offering featuring on-site filming and the use of a professional presenter. Discover more

7. Buy digital ad space on your behalf

Programmatic advertising is the automated process of buying and selling digital ad space, connecting advertisers and publishers to deliver ads to the right audience, at the right time, in the right place. Our Trading Desk solution is one of the easiest and smartest ways to buy programmatic advertising. It’s staffed by skilled traders who’ll grab the digital ad space required to realise your objectives. Discover more

8. Align you with community awards and events

Every year we deliver best-in-class events in the communities we serve, supporting a wide range of sectors including business, education, health and tech. Our sponsorship opportunities allow you to highlight and promote your business to a captive audience, as well as engage with potential customers, increase your credibility and raise your company profile by associating with our trusted brands. Discover more

9. Diagnose your online marketing problems

Are you making the most of your web presence? We offer a FREE no-obligation online health check that provides a detailed report about your online profile including website compatibility, social media presence, search ranking and much more crucial information. It only takes a few seconds to request your FREE report from our Web Doctor and it can make a real difference to your online marketing. Discover more

Written by Jess on 18th October 2019